Professional Copy For People Who Help People.

Are you a therapist or personal development coach looking for meaningful ways to attract, enroll and retain the right people – your people – in your sales funnels? Are you a consultant looking to further the reach, impact and consumability of your game-changing philosophy? Are you a public speaker looking for just the right words to engage, inspire and entertain a captive audience with your relatability and hard-earned wisdom?

If this is you, you’ve got your hands full… And you’re in the right place.

What’s Your Black Sheep Factor?

Forget the black sheep as a pejorative term – these days we know that what sets you apart from the ‘in’ crowd is likely to be your greatest asset. Your Black Sheep Factor is what differentiates you from the rest of the market. It’s your superpower. It’s the difference in how you approach problems, the experience you offer your clients or the way you don’t pull any punches where the truth is concerned.

You are operating at the edge of your knowledge all the time, developing new ways to help others that challenge conventional approaches. You can’t plan a revolution by staying inside the lines.

There will never be a shortage of practitioners offering the same flavourless brand of get-you-better. Your audience needs you to speak their language as you offer them a better way forward in life, love or business. What sets you apart from the herd in your formative years is now the beacon that signals your people like a lighthouse for those left behind.

After all, your clients aren’t just buying your services, they’re buying your services. So, give the people what they need – genuine, substantial sink-your-teeth-in content that will have them singing your praises – and buying your services. No watered-down keyword heavy content mill blogs or uber pushy sales copy here! You want your content to do the heavy lifting where it comes to finding and retaining your ideal client. You want your content to speak so well to your personality, values and approach that your readers come to know what to expect from you – and it’s why they stay.

From one-on-one work with clients to your online presence, managing your list and speaking at career-advancing events, the work of a coach, therapist or influencer is never done. You’re doing important work, and in order to stay efficient and grounded you must embrace that you can to anything…

But you can’t do everything!

Have you heard yourself echo these content woes?

  • I want to build my list, but I don’t have the time
  • I haven’t sent out a newsletter or blog in months
  • I am focused on working ‘in’ my business – I need someone to help work ‘on’ it
  • I know what I want to say, but I don’t know how to say it
  • Sales isn’t my comfort zone – and I don’t know how to sell without feeling pushy and gross
  • Time I spend writing is time I don’t spend with clients who need me
  • My business model has changed, and my website doesn’t reflect it

I see you, Black Sheep. And you aren’t alone.

Your ability to reach your ideal audience relies, in part, on your ability to enlist a team of people who understand your message, support your efforts, and make it their job to make you the star of the show. You need a strategic partner on your mission to impact others. You need someone who understands your mission, your purpose, and your undeniably you qualities…

. . . you need another black sheep!

Deana has been my copy editor and writing mentor for over two years.

She has been instrumental in the evolution of my branding, and has edited articles, speeches and my recent book, The Adversity Advantage. Deana’s writing skills are beautifully supported by her honest, forthright and sometimes edgy assessment of my messages and their intended audiences. Deana reminds me of my values and intention in each piece she edits, holding me firmly and lovingly accountable for my role in the Universe.

– Lisa Standeven, Leadership Coach and Business Consultant, Lisa Standeven Speaking and Consulting Ltd.