What A Copywriter Offers Your Business

Deana Faria
Apr 17, 2023

Your ‘to do’ List Gets Done – No More Overlooked Opportunities

When you’re running a department or business, the expectations and demands on your time often outweigh your ability to deliver on every goal. You’re only human, after all, and while things like content and copy might seem like something you can totally take on yourself… sooner or later it will become clear that in order for content and copy to be a priority in the business, a focused expert needs to take it on.

When you bring a copywriter in, you can expect to save time trying to do things in-house with limited resources and before you know it, you’ll have an editorial calendar loaded with rich content to send to your customers and keep you top-of-mind. Campaigns and content will be planned in advance with care, and you’ll feel great about the engaging content you’re sharing with your current and potential customers.


Helps You Better Understand Your Customer Base

If it’s been a while since your business last took stock of its overall marketing plan, you might find that the audience you’re building has different buying habits, wants, needs, and trajectories than you initially thought. These things are hard to see when you’re working with them up-close every day! A copywriter gets laser-focused on identifying who is buying and why and uses that information to inform their copy.

A copywriter comes in with a fresh palate to learn your business as it relates to your ideal customer. Copywriters love to research your market and your followers to understand their interests in your product or service from every angle. We go straight to the source to find out what your customers are saying about your product and how others in your market compare. The copy that is generated through Voice of Customer (VOC) research and buyer psychology connects more directly with true buyers and moves them to convert more readily.


Hones Brand Voice

While at one time it worked to use multiple voices across your content, you’re no beginner anymore! As your list grows, so should your company’s commitment to brand voice. As your customers become more aware of your brand, a clear brand voice is more important than ever. A consistent way of connecting with your customers builds trust and relatability.


Helps You Think Strategically About Your Online Content

A copywriter that works with their clients to understand their unique business over time can repay in spades if they are also able to help with strategy. A stand-alone article or blog is only one piece of a larger puzzle, and once your copywriter understands more, they can offer insight into long-term content planning and copy strategy. A copywriter will look at how each piece of your marketing funnel is operating and where it could be changed or improved to better meet customer needs. A great copywriter is always thinking about how to get the most out of your marketing efforts using the right words. For example, the copy that is generated through Voice of Customer (VOC) research connects most directly with those who are most ready to act on your offer, but a larger strategy plans alternative paths for non-buyers to remain in the funnel.


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