Hello! My name is Deana, the Black Sheep OG**.

And since we’ve only just met, I should also tell you that my name is pronounced Deena – not Dee-Anna. If I don’t tell you now, it’ll be awkward later because I won’t think to mention it and if you happen to find out you’ll wonder why I didn’t say anything, and then I’ll have to reassure you with the lacklustre story of my naming.

** the OG of BS has a more Deana-esque ring to it, but we’ve only just met.

I was to be born Dean Faria, but, alas, when I arrived without the necessary apparatus my parents were flabbergasted! Had they not picked a backup name? Hadn’t they given some thought to a girl’s name at all? Even just in case? On the off chance?

It turns out: they had not.

Taking pragmatic charge of the situation, the doctor suggested that my parents tack an ‘A’ onto the end my name. They deliberated momentarily and then, in what I can only imagine was a painkiller-induced fog of delirious exhaustion, they conceded with a ‘sure’.

Mmhmm. Contain your amazement if you can…

The irony is, despite such a bland start, I would fast become a Black Sheep the likes of whom my family had never seen! At least that’s the way it felt – a bit …Wednesday-Adams-in-the-corner-ish. Apparently, no one appreciates sarcasm from an 8-year-old.

Things I would liked to have known…

Later, faced with raising my own 8-year-olds and delighting in their hilarious sarcasm and wit, it became clear to me that doing life the way I had been, the way everyone else was doing it, was making me feel fake, tired, loveless and uninspired… none of which I wanted to impart to my boys. I decided to change the way I thought about the parts of me that went, however rudely, against the grain.

I decided to embrace that the things that made me feel separate from the crowd were, in fact, my real-life 

Black Sheep Superpowers!

So, I left the land of should-be’s when I said goodbye to a great career in human resources/remains (depends who you ask – Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin says it’s a breeding ground for monsters) and started my own business, Deana Faria Creative Content. With a mission of continuous improvement and personal responsibility, my upgraded guiding principle is to incorporate growth and inspiration into every aspect of my life and career.


Copywriting and content writing have allowed me to combine my love of writing with my reverence for great thinkers and new ideas, and to contribute to the elevation of the individual through strategic messaging. The truth is, I would do this even if they didn’t pay me (okay, but you have to pay me… I live well off cookies and caffeine, but the rest of this family gets hella grumpy when they don’t eat. Weird).

She watched my YouTube videos, read my posts and generally went above and beyond to bring the most value to what she excels at – translating my soul! She showed her value upfront and I trusted her right away.  She is so detailed in her work I am blown away. She truly has shown me a new standard in work ethic, and she will be what I use to measure the next people I bring on board to help me.

Amy D.

Make Love Loud

What was so unexpected was how beautifully you captured my program, what I do and what I am passionate about. What has had the biggest impact for me was the About Me section of my website. I was struggling for so long and didn’t know how I wanted to express it. I love how timely everything was done, and how detailed and specific you got with the information.

Jessica D.

True To You Health Coaching

So, what about me? What’s my Black Sheep Factor?

When I really sat back and reflected on where I bring the most value, how I am different than other writers in my space, my Black Sheep Factor was undeniably Edge.

My BSF is my ability to break down a complex message to get it across with the combination of professionalism, relatability and edge required to hook ‘em in the feels. Edge is what gives an idea some grip – something to punctuate the argument. Used properly, edge is the way to connect with an audience, solve a problem and move them out of ambivalence in a way that their other 20 google searches, listicles and YouTube videos couldn’t. But they can’t learn from you if they can’t find your content, so let’s partner-up to show you off.

I think my clients are the most interesting people in town. You should be one.

Because you, Black Sheep, are the only kind of BS I have time for.

Oh c’mon, like you wouldn’t have reached for that!

Many good things,