Building Your Trust Currency with Strategic Messaging

In our mission to build trust, we aim for authenticity over approval. In order for your customers to take the leap to buy your product or use your service, they need faith in the people and structures behind it. Strategic messaging is how I help business owners just like you get clear about their online and in-person messaging and get it out to the people who are most ready to hear it. Without trust currency, you have to sell harder – and hard sells aren’t your style.

Your content should be created to reflect the values of your business and the key messages you want to promote without any of that used-car salesman shtick.

Audience Nurturing

Do you need article, blog post or other customer-facing copy to engage and retain the interest and attention of your ideal customer? Content is created to reflect your voice and tone and will offer your readers a piece to share and discuss.


Speech Writing

Whether you are new to the spotlight or a seasoned presenter, choosing the right words to engage a captive audience can be challenging. I partner with you to develop a script that ensures that you leverage the power of story and emotion to reach your audience – leaving a lasting impression that will have them eager to follow your influence.


Deana delivered a product that was informative, impactful, sensitive and full of love.

Don’t let the shared last name fool you – my cousin and I had been estranged for over ten years when I reached out for help writing a keynote speech for a large fundraiser for the Little Warrior’s Foundation who serves to rehabilitate victims of child sexual abuse and their families. Deana showed immense compassion, empathy and care throughout the extensive writing process, which was not easy because the content was very heavy. She delivered a product that was informative, impactful, sensitive and full of Love. The presentation that Deana wrote has been called the best keynote speech that they have ever had at this event. Deana is now one of my dearest friends – she is a great writer and an even better person. I could not have done this without her.

– Keith Faria, Speaker and Ambassador for the Little Warrior’s Foundation.

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