Making Big Ideas Accessible

Your customer-facing copy positions you as competent, approachable and trustworthy. Copywriting services employ my researched-based discovery framework along with buyer psychology to move your ideal client toward the call-to-action using carefully selected copy. Email sequences keep you top-of-mind. Campaigns start at $1500 CAN.

Email Campaigns

Considering an email campaign to grow your audience or nurture your list? Do you have a product or offering you just can’t wait to tell your ‘people’ about? Are you planning a launch? Email campaigns will keep your audience connected to your message and move them toward the call-to-action.

Sales Page Copy

Put your product or service in the spotlight using carefully selected persuasion copy designed to engage your readers and show them why your solution is the right solution for their needs.

Landing Page Copy

Landing pages grab your viewer’s attention and emphasize the value of your offer. Whether you are segmenting your leads for targeted content or inciting customers to opt-in to an upcoming offering, landing pages are critical components of your overall conversion rate.